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Here’s a different concept…tolex in a usable size & width, without the waste.

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Case Fabric (aka Tolex)

Available in 18, 36 and 54 inch widths.

Scraps & Screw Ups

It’s kinda like the Island of Misfit Toys in Christmas special “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” (ask your parents)…yeah, we’re that awesome  (or lame, depending), we included a link to it!


The usual suspects, black, white, silver & gold (plus some hard to find colors).


Corners, handles and whatever we can find at a killer price!


Bretts Sound Shop (BSS) was started in eBay in August 2010  to fill a void in the DIY amplifier, cabinet and case coverings parts and accessories market (but mainly to keep Brett in beer money and fund his obsession with collecting guitars and vintage amps) .
 BSS is an innovator and the first retailer offering  multiple widths of  Case fabric ( Tolex / Levant ) by the linear yard at a fair price.  A typical project doesn’t require a standard 54″ width piece of fabric, especially if you only want ONE seam, so save money and buy only what you need.  Also, we also don’t gouge you on shipping.  Inventory will continue to expand, so check back often.
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